Basic Coffee Brewing

5 000 Kč

This workshop focuses solely on coffee. No milk, no complicated machines. A perfectly brewed coffee can be prepared whenever you want - at home, at work, even when hiking in nature. All you need is coffee beans, paper filter, V60, water and a little practice.

We will start with a little bit of theory, so you will know what specialty coffee is about, its origins, differences between light and dark roasts and so on. You will enjoy cupping various coffee samples and learning about differences between different countries of origin and processing methods. 

Most importantly, you will learn how to prepare a cup of remarkable filtered coffee using the V60 dripper. 

This workshop includes:

  • key information about specialty coffee, why is water important and which should you use at home, and what equipment should you use,
  • coffee and all of the equipment,
  • little refreshments,
  • skilled barista, who is happy to answer any questions.

The workshop starts at 10a and ends around 2p in Mazelab (Prague 6 - Dejvice).

Available in Czech and English. 

The maximum number of participants 4


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