Vietnamese Cookbook with a Family Story of Tuan & Lan

400 Kč

Please note that the book is only available in Czech at the moment. The English version should be ready in 2021. 

A cookbook by Tuan and Lan, who successfully run real Vietnamese bistros in the Czech Republic. "I really like to read cookbooks describing the life story of fellow restaurateurs," reveals Zdeněk Pohlreich, who published it as the first non-author's cookbook in his publishing house Sevruga. 

Vietnamese cuisine is popular all over the world and is rightly gaining sympathy in Czech Republic as well. It is fresh, light, full of flavors and aromas, fresh ingredients, and yet so simple! The cookbook contains authentic recipes which guide you in preparing a fantastic meal in a short time.

The recipes are accompanied by the story of how Tuan and Lan came from Vietnam to the Czech Republic and opened their dream restaurant in Prague, where they were the first to offer Czechs authentic Vietnamese food. The story is enlivened by documentary photographs from contemporary Vietnam.