Colombia El Obraje — Washed

980 Kč

Colombia El Obraje Gesha

The climate and topography of where the farm is located are important factors in Obraje's unique cup profile.

The daytime temperature rises to 32 degrees Celsius and the night temperature drops to 8 degrees makes the coffee harder and more flavorful.

It is located near volcanoes and has soils with high mineral content.

Today, the processing plant at Obrahe Farm is kept very clean and tidy.

I think it is thanks to Pablo's passion for the processing method. He compared and experimented with different fermentation times and temperatures, first comparing coffee cherries and then coffee beans.

Through this process, he said he learned more than anyone about the importance of fermentation methods to maintain quality consistency.

This coffee is Geisha coffee produced by Pablo by purchasing 2,000 Geisha seeds from Panama in 2011.

Only red ripe cherries are picked and fermented for 20 hours, sorted, and carefully managed for about 30 days.

Among the coffees in Colombia that we were experience many coffee samples El Obraje was a farm that attracted attention with its excellent taste.

  • Region: Narino
  • Estate: Hacienda El Obraje 
  • Farmer: Pablo Andres Guerrero
  • Variety: Gesha
  • Altitude: 2,200m
  • Process: Washed
  • Floral, Lime, Honey, Syrupy